NATO will send additional weapons to the eastern flank

Slovakia takes substances in the form of the long-awaited Patriot air defense device. NATO is of the same opinion to send another forty thousand troops to the Japanese flank. NATO leaders on Thursday approved the approval of four additional combat organizations in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, in addition to the four already deployed Baltic states and Poland. Defense system, after a team of Dutch-German soldiers.

“All this is different information about the security of Slovak airspace,” said Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad, referring to the weapons handed over. Observers have debunked the hypothesis that the Patriots joined NATO as part of a possible deal to send a vintage arsenal of Slovak S-300 Russian air defense systems to Ukraine and to upgrade the patriots’ era. Even if Nadi has denied Arsenal’s belief in the exchange, a comparable deal “is no longer fully reached from the table” is regular and the findings are first published in dennik every day. As is often the case, the obstacle to the duration of the negotiations seems to have been money in terms of a patriotic car that pays about $ 1 billion, with the price of an unmarried rocket ranging from $ 1 million to $ 6 million. This is in some cases better than the price of obsolete Russian weapons. Slovakia will not forget to hand over the S-300 structures to Ukraine, said several coalition politicians, but most rightly, if it has a good chance to go back, consider dennik n. Whether this predicts the delivery of further patriots to the US remains unknown, although a new NATO combat employer has already been deployed in Slovakia, with additional missions to Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, a NATO professional. . The Japanese wing of the Alliance could be reinforced with additional troops, anti-tank structures, aircraft and navy. Slovak President Zuzana Kaputova spoke impressively about the NATO handbook and welcomed the deployment of a combat institute in Slovakia at some point during the Alliance’s emergency summit in Brussels on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Slovak Parliament has approved a law containing various provisions designed to facilitate the stay of Ukrainian refugees in the US. S. A .. Named lex ukraine, the published regulations for clicks are distinguished by the quality of fitness care, financial benefits for people living in Ukraine or near employment. Refugees may also be exempt from paying municipal taxes or fees and will be able to open a financial institution account without the same old formalities, the Slovak target market is quoted as saying. Elsewhere, cited, the permit review reviews the root causes of corruption, assessing an anti-transit NGO in the neighborhood that found a gap between the corruption clean-up guarantees issued by the ruling coalition and its movements in the early years. . Period of his time. Not even a third of the government’s promises were fulfilled in the middle of his rule, the NGO said, including that major reforms had been carried out in advance during those important first years. While professionals welcomed the wave of large-scale and rigorous police investigations, which led to several prominent arrests related to corruption.

“[The government] has traditionally had a difficult time before it had to deal with the Kovid-19 pandemic, which led to the war in Ukraine, its economic impact and the refugee disaster,” said Zuzana Petkova, head. Anti-graft fund. As quoted by tasr. “However, this can no longer be an excuse for only a few wishes of an anti-corruption man or woman to be satisfied in the program statement,” he said. The government of the Prime Minister, Edward Toure, remains committed to some of the key factors in its pre-election guarantees. The late court received a completely new map with this assessment, along with the controversial Article 363 of the Fraud Code, which has been repeatedly used – some say, even abusively – with the help of the full prosecution. Avoid fraudulent allegations against high-profile and prominent people.

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